Within the project “Ensuring access to justice for witnesses/victims by strengthening existing and establishing new networks to support witnesses in BiH “, on 28 September 2017, there was supervision for participants reach for support to witnesses/victims in the areas of jurisdiction of the District Court in Trebinje. Supervision for participants for support to witnesses/victims in Doboj was held on 02 October 2017.
On this occasion, awarded certificates to all those professionals from networks who attended training on the topic “Psychosocial approach in working with witnesses/victims”. A total of three modules of the training was held for each network. The training was attended by professionals from the district courts and prosecutors’ offices, social welfare centers, mental health centers, community health centers and NGOs.

  • Supervizija i dodjela sertifikata Trebinje1
  • Supervizija i dodjela sertifikata Trebinje2
  • Supervizija i dodjela sertifikata Trebinje4
  • Doboj dodjela sertifikata1
  • Doboj dodjela sertifikata3
  • Doboj dodjela sertifikata16
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