Conference ,,Rural developement in BIH” held within the project ACoRD

ACORD – Alliance for Rural Development is a project funded by the European Union under the ” Program to Support Civil Society 2012″ . The project carried out ACED – Agency for Cooperation , Education and Development as the lead organization , in cooperation with local partner organizations REDAH , ,,Nešto više” , LAG Una – Sana , and European partners ELARD – European LEADER Association for Rural Development . The project is supported by the Swedish organization WE EFFECT.

One of the first activities of the project is a conference on rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina held on 28 May 2013 in Sarajevo , the hotel Hollywood . Organizing the conference ” Rural development in BiH ” helped HMRR – Croatian Network for Rural Development and the PREPARE – Partnership for Rural Europe.

The conference was attended by 80 participants , representatives of civil society from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as representatives of the public sector, entity and state level . The conference was attended by the relevant actors in the field of rural development in Europe and neighboring countries : Slovenia , Croatia and Serbia . The participants at the conference had the opportunity to get more information and to participate in discussions on the following topics :

– Expectations and objectives Acord project ;

– Rural development in BiH ;

– National network for rural development in the EU ( Presentations ELARD and PREPARE ) ;

– Rural development in the region ( the Rural Development Network of Serbia and Croatian ) and

– IPARD in BiH through Croatian experiences .

All participants welcomed the favorable opinion of all Acord project objectives , especially the construction of the Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina . During the conference , participants repeatedly stressed the importance of establishing a partnership between civil society and government representatives in order to achieve progress in the field of rural development in the country.