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Donor: EU – EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)

The institutions taking part in the project are 4 universities, namely from England, Holland, Finland and Czech Republic, 4 faculties and 8 NGOs in four Balkan countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania). The BiH faculties involved are the Banja Luka and Sarajevo Faculties of Agriculture, while the NGOs are ACED and REDAH (Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina).

The Tempus IV project “Western Balkan Rural Extension Network through Curriculum Reform” will address the deficiency and need for rural development curriculum reform in the Western Balkan region through the training, development, and implementation of rural development programs following 2 streams: formal and non-formal rural development education.

The following objectives of the project have been established:

1.To develop and improve the competencies of current non-formal education professionals working in rural development, who will work alongside EU experts to create and deliver non-formal trainings to stakeholders in rural development
2.To introduce an interdisciplinary, ECTS compliant Certificate in Rural Development (CRD) program at lead Western Balkan Higher Education Institutions
3.To establish the RuralDevelopmentCenter at the Banja LukaUniversity campus which supports CRD program at the Faculty of Agriculture in Banja Luka and non-formal education activities in the field of rural development
4.To increase regional cooperation in rural development and extension / outreach within the Western Balkan Rural Extension Network

The project, whose total value is €1,078,550, is funded by the European Commission and its duration is 3 years. The implementing agency is the University of Reading, Great Britain.

By taking part in this project, ACED will have an opportunity to broaden its experience and acquire new skills and abilities to be able to communicate the acquired knowledge and experience to others working in rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.