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Donor: EU-EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights)

ACED signed a contract on 31 December 2010 with the EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights), a department of the European Union, on co-funding the project “Student Council Network”.

ACED will implement the project activities with the partner OKC – Youth Communication Centre.

The overall project objective is to increase the level of cooperation among students, Student Councils (SC) and their networks, based on a common platform for advocating student interests that will contribute to their recognition by school, municipal and governmental authorities and enable the introduction of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Student Council Network into regional and international unions of secondary school students. and to develop a functional Student Council Network, able to represent the interests of school youth.

The specific objective of this project is to foster student participation in building sustainable Student Councils in secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

Estimated results of the project include:

•Organisational and technical capacity of SC in 3 Cantons of the Federation of BiH and BD improved, Cantonal SC bodies established;
•SC representatives educated and empowered to design and participate in joint advocacy and lobbying activities to improve their status in schools and communities, and to implement advocacy activities on regional and national level;
•Links and cooperative relationships between SCs throughout the country strengthened through coordination on regional, cantonal and national level;
•Awareness of student rights across BiH increased through comprehensive national advocacy campaign.