Donor: Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and UN WOMEN’s Fund for Gender Equality

This project is awarded and implemented through Programme Localizing Gender in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a joint initiative of the Gender Center of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and SNV Netherlands Development Organization, implemented with the financial support from UN WOMEN’s Fund for Gender Equality.

Main project objective of project “Excellence of Women Hands in Production and Processing of Fruits” is economic empowerment of unemployed women from rural areas of Doboj Jug through enhancement of their knowledge and skills as well as shifting their interest on utilisation of agro-potential of their municipality with high likeness of providing (self)employment and economic-generating activities for women. With this goal, this project will contribute solving one of the key problems identified by Local Gender Action Plan, that is: “lack of knowledge and information among women concerning possibilities of self-employment and employment, resulting with low level of economic activity of women”.

Achievement of the main project objective is based on recommended programs of self-employment, improvement of skills and prequalification of women, more specifically, capacity building of long-term unemployed women through additional education and provision of resources that have the ability to improve their competences for employment and self-employment. There are four specific objectives that will lead to achievement of main objective, and contribute to revolving of key identified problems as well as lead to economic empowerment of women in the area of municipality Doboj Jug. Those specific objectives are:

1.Identification of municipality’s agro-potential (sub-sector: fruit production) in order to exploit the best opportunities in that sector and enable the most efficient economic empowerment of women.
2.Improvement of knowledge and skills of long-term unemployed rural women in the area of municipality of Doboj Jug, regarding growing, manipulation (in a drying plant) and sale of fruits, as well as about business planning.
3.Economic empowerment of women through provision of support to their (self)employment in a form of enabling them to start new orchards in their ownership;
4.Expansion of offer and added value to fruit products of rural women through installation and availability to them of small drying plant for fruits.

Expected project results are:
1.Agricultural sector (sub-sector: fruit production) in the area of Doboj Jug is analyzed and potentials for most efficient women empowerment though this sector are identified;
2.Level of knowledge and skills among 15 long-term unemployed rural women increased in the domain of growing, manipulation (in a drying plant) and sale of fruit, as well as about business planning;
3.Area under orchards increased among 15 long-term unemployed rural women;
4.Small drying plant for fruits installed, tested and given for joint use to women.