Donor: EU-zastavaEU (Civil society facility programme)

01.01.2016. ACED signed a contract with the European Union on co-financing the project ,, Balkan independent disability framework” . ACED will relize activities of this project  with partners: Center for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities of Serbia, Federation of Associations of paraplegics of Montenegro, Polio Plus from Macedonia and BIDF network. The project runs until 31.12.2016. year.

Overall objective: To contribute to democratic stabilization and EU accession of Balkans countries by strengthening the civil society participation in decision and policy making processes at all government levels.

Specific objective: Strengthening an operational capacity of Balkans Independent Disability Framework – BIDF as an independent regional network of disability organizations established to promote and facilitate the inclusion of disability in policies and practices at the national and regional level.

Asserting the effectiveness of the proposed 2015 annual methodology, designed to support the regional networking and operational capacity building of the BIDF network, project partners will continue to observe Overall and Specific objectives through implementation of activities under three Component Objectives (CO) as follows:

CO1) Encourage cooperation and partnership among BIDF members by organizing capacity building activities of the national networks;

CO2) Promote the integration of self-regulation mechanisms, regional and cross-border cooperation by organizing capacity building activities of the BIDF network representatives;

CO3) Promote effective government oversight, accountability and transparency by organizing BIDF Policy Advocacy activities and network promotion