From 30 November to 01 December 2018, the Centre for Peace Studies, as one of ACED units, in cooperation with the Network of Secondary School Councils – mreSVUBIH, organized a three-day interreligious camp for youth leaders, representatives of the secondary school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Camp participants had opportunity to study world religions and religions of peoples in BiH through interactive work focused on common elements of three the most represented religions in their county.
The training was mainly focused on development of the “The Children of Abraham” methodology. The participants have been searching for most creative ways to present BiH religions to youth during public debates in secondary schools.
Even though many researches show that youth and BiH suffer from apathy, it did not find its ground here.
The representatives of secondary school students and religious communities prove they do want, can and know how: by joint forces they have created an innovative, interesting and applicable program for secondary school population in BiH, the program that will enable youth to challenge their prejudices and build knowledge on religions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The activity was organized within the project “Youth reconciliation initiative for sustainable peace”. We are grateful for Canada’s contribution to this project through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

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