On Sunday, 18 June, starting at 10 am was held a race ,, For a world without torture ” of Banja Luka Racing League. The race was organized by the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development ACED, Foundation ,, United Women” and Athletic Club of disabeled persons ,,Vrbas ” with the aim of marking the International day in support of victims of torture – 26 June. This sunday ,, For a world without torture!” race,  ran over 200 runners, recreational athletes, citizens of Banja Luka. The funds raised from the entry fee, a portion is used for the purchase of tickets for humanitarian party  by high school students from Banja Luka organized for their friend who had a tragic accident in Italy on the field trip, while the other part will be used for construction of running tracks in the park Mladen Stojanovic.

This significant date is celebrated as part of the project ,, Ensuring access to justice for witnesses / victims by strengthening existing and establishing new networks to support witnesses in BiH “, which is jointly implemented by UG ,, Vive žene”, UG ,, Medica “Zenica, Foundation ,,Udružene žene” Banja Luka and the Agency for cooperation, education and development ACED Banja Luka, and financed by the European Union.

The aim of the celebration is to raise awareness of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on this social problem, but also to inform about importance of networks providing comprehensive support to witnesses / victims. This year, throughout the country will mark this significant date, so that the project partners organize street actions and other activities with a common message ,, For a world without torture! “In several cities: Tuzla, Doboj, Trebinje, Zenica, Sarajevo, Bihac , Key, Bijeljina, Visegrad, Gorazde, Travnik, Mostar.

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