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Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development

Civil Society

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or not-for-profits play an enormously important role in society with their values based on the ambition to advance and improve the human lives. Motivated by the desire to care for and develop the society, NGOs establish and operate programmes of education, health, social welfare and economic  improvement.

Environment Protection

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a predominately rural country. More than half of its population lives in rural areas, which cover 80% of the BiH’s territory. Agriculture and other forms of rural economy are BiH’s strategic focus and they are especially important in providing viable employment opportunities for rural people and improving their living conditions.

Economic Development

Economic Development is defined as an increase in economic activity, implying progressive changes in the socio-economic structure and leading to higher standards of living. The objective of Economic Development is elimination of poverty, inequalities and unemployment – which will lead to social inclusion and an improvement of the quality of life.

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