The Children of Abraham public debates were organized in period from December 2018 till February 2019 in 77 secondary schools from 23 municipalities/ cities in BiH. Debates, conducted with the specific methodology, gave opportunity to 1277 secondary school students, teachers, religion teachers and pedagogics to think through themes of beliefs, faiths, religions, common grounds, basic principles and values, traditions, myths and legends of all well-known and (to the debate participants yet) unknown religions. Once more our experience proved that methodology created with participation of the programme beneficiaries gives the best results. Open dialogue, unspoken stories, introduction of the new, strange and different, review of personal standpoints, facing new dimensions… were present in all debates. Secondary school students got opportunity to discuss old themes in new way. Do we, peoples and religions in BiH, have anything or a lot in common? The innovative approach to analysing roles of religions in this region created new dimension in understanding religions, especially their undoubted power of unity they promote.
Abraham/ Ibrahim/ Abram keeps believing when all others loose the faith.
Activities were organized within the project “Youth reconciliation initiative for sustainable peace”. We are grateful for Canada’s contribution to this project through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

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