During two education modules – one at Behram Bey Madrasah in Tuzla (12-14 October 2018), and the other one in Sarajevo (07- 09 December 2018), the representatives of religion schools and secondary school students have been examining intensively the links and commons elements from Qur’an and Bible.
The stories of Ibrahim, Abraham and Abram were carefully examined and transformed into messages of peace and sense of community. Curiosity and need for cognition led us beyond many similar messages of reconciliation, promoted by religions of peoples in BiH. We devoted significant part of both education modules to the methodology development; the methodology that will familiarize secondary school students – future active citizens in BiH, in innovative and interesting way, with foundations of religions under the BiH sky.
Activities were organized within the project “Youth reconciliation initiative for sustainable peace”. We are grateful for Canada’s contribution to this project through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

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