Training for participants of TEMPUS IV project WBREN

A two-day workshop for the participants of the TEMPUS IV project WBREN finalised. The Tempus IV project “Western Balkan Rural Extension Network through Curriculum Reform” addresses the deficiency and need for rural development curriculum reform in the Western Balkan region through the training, development, and implementation of rural development programs following 2 streams: formal and non-formal rural development education.

The institutions taking part in the project are 4 universities, namely from England, Holland, Finland and CzechRepublic, 4 faculties and 8 NGOs in four Balkan countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania).

The BiH faculties involved are the Banja Luka and Sarajevo Faculties of Agriculture, while the NGOs are ACED and REDAH (Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina).

Training participants ACED and REDAH (Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina) had an opportunity to learn more about rural development and polish their skills in implementing non-formal education in this field.