Public call for submission of bids

Agency for cooperation, developement and education in partnership with with Netherlands developement agency (SNV) and Gender centre of FBiH announce:

Public invitation to tender
for procuring seedlings plums

Agency for Cooperation , Education and Development – ACED in cooperation with the Netherlands Development Agency ( SNV ) and the Gender Centre of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , according to the tasks and planned activities that are planned in the project ” Excellence female hand in the production and processing of fruits ,” which is funded by the Program localizing gender in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, calls on people from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina engaged in the production and trade of seeds fruit and which are legally registered in that industry , to submit their bids in the procurement of planting material plums , according to the following conditions .

The subject of procurement :
Variety plum cultivars – Čačanska rodna – 1650 seedlings ;
Cultivar Aženka – 990 seedlings ;
Cultivar Stanley – 660 seedlings ;

Planting material by quality and other requirements must be in accordance with current legislation in the field of production and trade in planting material of fruit:
The Seeds and planting material of agricultural plants of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH Official Gazette, No. 3. 1/05);
– Ordinance on the essential requirements, the quality of planting material, the method of packaging, sealing, labeling, and storage conditions of planting material of agricultural plants (Official Gazette of FBiH, No. 04-24-310-1 / 03);
The Law on Planting Material (“Off. Gazette of the Republic of Serbian”, no. 37/2009);

The offer must be stated net price, the amount of VAT and the total price for the above items;

If there is a possibility of delivery of seedlings to the below location, specify that information noting that the price of transport included planting material;

Seedlings should be delivered in Doboj Jug.

Tenders must be submitted not later than 8. 4. 2013, the e-mail of the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development (