The call for expressions of interest for networking in rural development

We invite all organizations that are already engaged in activities and projects in the field of rural development and / or want to be involved in work on the activities provided by ACORD project , to complete the questionnaire attached and send it to the address : to 31 July 2013 and thus indicate their interest in networking in rural development and give their contribution to the implementation of this project .

By sending the questionnaire , the organization expressed its agreement with the framework for the establishment of the cooperation ACORD . Information about organizations that submit the questionnaire and express their interest in networking in rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be entered into a database that will be developed within the ACORD project.
ACORD Project is a two year project funded by the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the ” Program to Support Civil Society 2012″ . The project is carried out non-governmental organization ACORD ACED ( Agency for Cooperation , Education and Development ) in Banja Luka , with partners REDAH Mostar , Association ” Something More ” from Sarajevo , LAG Una – Sana from Sanski Most and ELARD in Brussels .