Civil society in the network for rural development

Project partners ACORD – Alliance for a common rural development , ACED Banja Luka – The Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development as the lead organization , in cooperation with local partner organizations REDAH Mostar , UG Ne[to vi[e , LAG Una – Sana , and European partners ELARD – European LEADER Association for Rural Development , held a working meeting in Bugojno 28.02.2014 . year , in order to harmonize the plan of activities for the 2014 year.

ACORD Project , funded by the European Union , is planning this year to form a network of civil society in rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina , with the participation of non-governmental organizations active in this sector .

Establishment of a network for rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina , will be accompanied by a media campaign which is the main objective of promoting the network and encouraging activism and enhance cooperation and communication of the civil sector in BiH . Stronger coordination and a common effort and a better articulation of the needs of rural areas , the civil sector can improve its position in relation to the private sector and government institutions , which is actually one of the goals of ACORD project and the media campaign.