Memorandum of Cooperation between the Network of student councils in the cantons of FBiH and the Commission for Youth Representatives House

Within the presentation of the results of the Federation Parliament, on 12 May 2014 in Sarajevo, Network of student councils in the cantons of the FBIH and the Commission for Youth Issues of the House of the Federal Parliament, signed a memorandum of cooperation on the basis of which members of student councils have an important partner of governmental sector in their future work.

The signing of the memorandum includes the establishment of an effective cooperation mechanism between FBiH Parliament and the Network of student councils in the cantons of FBiH, and the inclusion of high school students in the adoption of youth policies in FBiH. During the presentation of their work representatives of government, educational institutions and non-governmental sector, members mreSVUBIH’s led to problems that are arising from the lack of system of care for young people, and they then discovered the existence of corruption in education. High school students have also stressed that they want a more modern educational curricula. What what is the emphasis the necessity of using the potential of young people as the future of our society lies in the youth.

Program of developing student council networks  in BiH, implemented by ACED in partnership with OKC, is financially supported by the European Union, and the NED (National Endowment for Democracy)