Study visit for the beneficiary of FARM projects

Study visit for the beneficiary of projects ” School cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants for women and the rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina ” and ” Support the creation of women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas through the cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants ” , funded by the USAID / Sida FARMA project , was held on 15 . August 2014 in Srbac.

Visits included a tour of the company Plusbiofarm and experimental field in Srbac . The event was attended by about 60 women from the following municipalities: City , Buzim , Sipovo , Petrovac – Drinić , Srbac , Prnjavor , Gradiska , Kozarska Dubica and Prijedor.

In the first part of the visit , to the beneficiary of the project was presented Plusbiofarm company and its activities . Then a lecture on ” Business collaboration in the field of medicinal plants ” , and the presentation of the results achieved this year . The second part of the event was held at the experiment field in Srbac . All beneficiaries are , after reviewing the results achieved in the field , on their own initiative carried out the harvest calendula on the entire surface . It should be noted that throughout the visit , and particularly during the harvest calendula ruled positive atmosphere , further supported by songs from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the performance of the beneficiary .