Fourth Fair ” Women in the country of the Republic of Srpska “

Within the campaign ” Equal rural women in 2014 ” , was organized by the Network ‘s progress and women’s associations ” Hercegovka ” , on 14 and 15 October , in the sports hall ” Nevesinjka ” in Nevesinje , was held fourth Fair ” Women in the country of the Republic of Srpska ” at which they presented a large number of associations of rural women from the Republic of Serbian , in order to promote visibility of women’s contributions to family and community , and in rural development .

As every year , the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development – ACED , recognized the importance of this event , and supported through its Department of Agriculture and Rural Development – CARD and take an active part in this year’s fair .

As part of the regular activities of the project ” Civil society and rural development – CiSARD , financed by the organization ” We effect ” from Sweden , CARD was at this event held a workshop at which promoted ” GARD principles of ” strengthening the involvement of women in the activities of local communities in rural areas.

Within presentation , the general public had the opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of the past but in the future activities of CARD , among which certainly emphasizes the establishment and construction of the Center for Economic and Rural Development – CERD .

Also , visitors had the opportunity to receive a gift fruit basil and marigold , which this year , as part of ACED these projects support the sector of medicinal , aromatic and spice plants , produced on the plots of women from rural areas of the Republic of Serbian and Bosnia and Herzegovina .