First rural animators in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With the certification of rural animators yesterday in Sarajevo, the rural population is officially richer for 105 rural animators who will use their knowledge and experience to influence the development of rural communities. They will, as representatives of civil society organizations working in the field, be in constant kumunikaciji with the population and help them to carry out activities that are necessary for economic and rural development. Animators will help citizens to link up to help each other, as well as neighboring communities. All activities of the rural community of animators have one goal – better quality of life for all in the country. There is also potential for greater cooperation with civil society institutions in the agricultural sector and rural development. The head of the Department of Rural Development Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Pejo Janjic said that the ministry will take advantage of the capacity of animators and for its activities in rural areas. Set trainings for animators has been organized by the project team ACORD’s (Union for a common rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina). The project implemented by ACORD Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development ACED Banja Luka, UG Something More of Sarajevo, REDAH from Mostar, LAG Una Sana from Sanski Most and ELARD in Brussels. The project is funded by the European Union, and was endorsed by the organization We Effect. Also, in order to voice the country people heard it louder, May 15 will be held the first BiH Rural Parliament will gather in one place representatives of the rural population who are gathered in the local rural organizations and representatives of the institutions responsible for the promotion of the agricultural sector and rural development.