Meetings of the project team with representatives from the Police , Health Care , Mental Health Centre and the Centre for Social Work in Brcko District

On 11.03. 2015, the project team met with representatives from the Police, Health Care, Mental Health Centre and the Centre for Social Work. The topic of these meetings was to present the project ,, Ensuring access to justice for witnesses / victims by strengthening existing and developing new networks of support to witnesses throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina “, as well as to establish cooperation with these institutions in the context of this project. At a meeting with representatives of the Brcko District Police, after a brief presentation of the project by the project team, they talked about the support victim / witness in court proceedings, and the representatives of these institutions have indicated that they are within their departments for war crimes investigations have active team member who provides psychological support to witnesses / victims. Also, they pointed out that they are open to cooperation. The common conclusion is that to be achieved cooperation in the framework of this project, which would significantly improve the work of institutions and NGOs dealing with this issue. It was agreed that the ini a meeting with NGOs in Brcko District to enable consumers and citizens on the project. At a meeting with representatives of the Health, Center for Mental Health and Social Welfare Center has presented the project, and were directed at the most important components and which could possibly be their role in the project. Representatives of the three institutions have expressed their willingness to cooperate, and it was agreed to send a letter of intent to formalize their participation in the project and drafted memoranda on