Witnesses/victims support network established in Doboj region

Agency for cooperation, education and development ACED Banja Luka organised a consultative meeting as part of the project “Ensuring access to Justice for witness/victims through strengthening existing and establishing new Witness support Networks across BiH” realized with its partner organizations: UG “Vive žene” Tuzla, UG ” Medica” Zenica, the Foundationa “Udružene žene” Banja Luka. This project is funded by the European Union.

In this meeting held on 22.10. in the hotel integra, in Doboj,  an agreement was signed on cooperation between representatives of institutions, non-governmental sector and project team, and so formed multidisciplinary support network for witnesses/victims in Doboj region.

In addition the signing of the agreement on cooperation, during the meeting participants also discussed the future work of network. Highlights are importance of linking institutions and non-governmental organizations, as well as the action within network in order to provide full protection and support for witnesses/victims in Doboj region.

It was concluded that, in addition good coordination of network, should strengthen capacity professionals in institutions for easier identification of needs and providing adequate support for witnesses/victims before, during and after the trial process. In this segment is important in good links between all stakeholders in network in order to adequately respond to the needs above all witnesses/victims, but also to the needs of institutions involved in the processes.

It was announced,  a major conference, “Support to witnesses/victims in BIH? “, which will, as part of the project,  take place from 11. – On 13 November in Sarajevo. This conference will be the opportunity for network in Doboj region to get acquainted with the work of other, earlier established support networks for witnesses/victims, as well as the exchange of experience and good practice examples.