Training for representatives of MreVUK fromTuzla Canton, Posavina Canton and the District of Brcko

In order to strenghten the capacity of three cantonal network of student council, in Srebrenik, from 2 to 4 December 2015. held a three-day training. The training was attended by a total of 35 presidents of high school students councils of Tuzla Canton, Posavina Canton Canton and the Brcko District who had opportunity during the training to gain new knowledge and adopt the skills in the area of teamwork, networking, leadership, communication, representation and advocacy skills. During the training held on the election of the Assembly for all three of the network in which was elected the new leadership of MreVUK and adopted the annual plans of the work of the network. Especially significant are activities of the Student Council for the purpose of promoting the rights and obligations of the students and the establishment of a dialog with the professors for providing the respect and the prevention of violations of the secondary school student rights and obligations.
Program of developing student council networks in BiH, implemented by ACED in partnership with OKC, is financially supported by the European Union, and the NED (National Endowment for Democracy)