Meeting of MreSVUBIH training team held in Srebrenik

At the meeting of the training team of mreSVUBIH held a training in the framework of the project “Reconciliation through History Education” which deals with the discussion of the First World War, causes and the occasion of the war. The training was held from 15 – 17 January 2016. In Srebrenik, in which was agreed to work methodology with representatives from the student councils
Workshops will be implemented in 110 schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina and with each region of mRESURS in each canton of MreVUK.
In secondary schools at the workshops, students will see the short documentary on the first world war and have a  discussion on the same topic. Each school that organize this workshop will get a set of books on the First World War.
With the heads of the student council within the region/Canton will be conducted daily workshops which will include watching the documentary and having discussions about Gavrilo Pricip and the First World War.