Supervisory meeting of the Network for support to witnesses/victims held in Doboj

Within the project ,, Ensuring access to justice for witnesses / victims by strengthening the existing and establishing new networks for witness/victims support in BiH “, funded by the EU, in Doboj on 13 September held supervisory meeting of the Network for support to witnesses/victims in the area of ​​jurisdiction of DC Doboj. Supervision was held in accordance with the action plan of the project after the completion of teh first module of education for professionals.
The objective of supervision is to evaluate, exchange of experiences and the advancement of knowledge after the first module of training. In addition, participants were announced and the second module of training ,, Psychosocial approach in dealing with witnesses / victims ” to be held in the period from 1 to 3 November 2016 year.

The objective of these trainings for professionals who work in the judicial institutions, mental health institutions, social work and non-governmental organizations, which come into contact with potential witnesses and victims, is to receive basic knowledge about empathy, trauma and testimony, traumatic memory, needs witnesses after testimony, exchange experiences and strengthen professional capacities.