Trainig for mreVUK representatives of Tuzla Canton, Brčko District and Posavska Županija held in Srebrenik

The representative of high school student council networks from Tuzla Canton, Brcko District and Posavska Županija, in the period from 10 to 11/12/2016. in Srebrenik, held its first training meeting for the school year 2015/16. year. Participants were presidents of high school student council networks from this regions.

Through creative interactive workshop, participants learned about the decision making process at different levels. The importance of knowledge in this field is reflected in the democratic work of the Network of student councils in Bosnia and Herzegovina at all levels, through the democratic process of decision-making where the right to vote and the decision was left as a high school student that recognizes individuals, mapping and resolves problems facing this age group. As part of this three-day training, secondary school leaders, elected the new leadership for this regions.