First training module within activity ,,Strenghtening capacities of NGOs” held in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo, from 21 to 23 December held the first module on networking and capacity building of NGOs for members of network of support to witnesses.

During the three-day training on networking, in addition to defining the framework of the network, participants exchanged experience in work with witnesses / survivors, their opinions on the witness support networks both at local and national level. Participants agreed that it is necessary to establish, umbrella organization to connect all stakeholders in oreder to provide a comprehensive support to witnesses/survivors. Participants also defined the structure of the umbrella network, as well as mission, vision and goals of network. It was agreed that the coordinating body of this network of support to witnesses / survivors are organizations  ,, Vive Žene “Tuzla, ,, Medica” Zenica, Foundation ,, United Women “and the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development ACED Banja Luka.

The following modules of training non-governmental organizations / associations will be held in 2017