The final training module in psychosocial approach in dealing with witnesses held for the network Doboj region

The final module of education in psychosocial approach to work with witnesses / victims was held in Derventa, for a support network for witnesses within the jurisdiction of the district court in Doboj. The training was held from 14 to 16 March 2017, a training was conducted by trainers from NGO,,Medica “Zenica and Foundation ,, United Women” Banja Luka.

The third in a series of three training modules, intended for the appointed representatives of multidisciplinary teams / networks to support victims / witnesses, dealt with the themes: 1) partnership, cooperation and communication between professionals; 2) Functional network of institutions and organizations to support witnesses; 3) Loss and mourning; 4) How to ensure access to justice for victims / witnesses and 5) Procedures and rules of procedure of the Network.