mreSVUBIH academy: Youth leaders camp

In the eco-center “Usce” near Trebinje, from 22. – 29. june,  held a camp for young leaders within the Academy of Student Councils network of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Academy, jointly implemented by mreSVUBIH, ACED and OKC, is a unique four-year program of informal education aimed at developing youth leaders, who coordinates the personal needs and interests of the challenges of leadership in the specific environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year’s participants are the fourth generation of young people who want to develop and enhance their leadership competencies and contribute to the development of society through the Academy.

,,This program provides the opportunity to work on ourselves, we acquire new knowledge and ways to transmit knowledge. In addition to learning opportunities mreSVUBiH Academy offers the opportunity to young people from across the state socialize, spend quality time and break our daily monotony “- said Ismet Bolic participant of the second generation of this program.

The camp in Trebinje included the training of education of students of the Academy in the field according to preferences students . Peer education, mentoring, public relations, relations with government institutions and civil society organizations and philanthropy are some of the training sessions held at the camp. in addition to educational content were prepared sports and recreational and leisure activities.

,, After seven days on the camp can safely say that home with you except wonderful memories and I wear a lot of knowledge that we will use in all areas of my life. I expect that after these seven days continue to move forward, to build themselves and the society in which I live through this story “- said Aida Osmanagic participant of this year’s generation of the Academy.

Also, the camp was used to create the strategy of the Network Council / Student Councils of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the coming school year.
,, I believe that the strategy created to facilitate the work of the Network, and that the objectives and activities defined within the strategy to improve the current situation in terms of education and the position of high school students and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This strategy forms the basis of work that will be in high school next year to take advantage of to realize their ideas “- concludes the Anel Smajic, project assistant.