Training for the mRESURS representatives

Training for representatives of the Network of Student Councils of Republika Srpska (mRESURS) was organized at Mrakovica (Kozara Mountain) from 04 till 06 October 2018.  Representatives of all five mRESURS regions attended the training, together with representatives of four cantonal networks of Federation of BiH (mreVUK). Three-day training was organized with the objective to analyze needs of the secondary school students and the work of student councils in Republika Srpska, and define strategic goals of the Network for the school year 2018/19.

Elections of the network leadership took place during the training; president and vice-president of the network have been elected by consensus.

The significant time during the training was devoted to define areas that would be subject of the need assessment of the school students this year. Representatives of secondary school students drafted the questioner that would be forwarded to representatives of the secondary school students for comments.

The mRESURS annual work plan was also developed during the training; beside traditional mRESURS activities, this annual plan envisages significant number of activities referring to improvement of the student population status in Republika Srpska.

This activity was implemented within the project „Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative“- YEDI, implemented by ACED in partnership with mreSVUBIH. The YEDI project is funded by the European Union.