Evaluation of the program “Children of Abraham”

The evaluation of the program “Children of Abraham” was organized and conducted in period 31 January- 13 February 2019. Aiming to involve all actors of the program in the process of evaluation, we have organized ten evaluation trainings that gathered 233 representatives of the secondary school student population, peer trainers from municipalities/ cities in BiH: Srebrenik, Doboj, Cazin, Trebinje, Visoko, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Vitez and Mostar. During evaluation trainings we analyzed the results achieved in public debates, organized in 77 schools from 23 municipalities/ cities in BiH. Experience of peer trainers/ moderators and participants of public debates was starting point for review of the program methodology “Children of Abraham”. The youth in BiH, especially secondary school students, need to get time to think through, learn, comprehend…They need a path towards reconciliation… a path towards understanding that similarities adorn while differences enrich us.
Activities were organized within the project “Youth reconciliation initiative for sustainable peace”. We are grateful for Canada’s contribution to this project through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).