Secondary school students of Trebinje region elect new leadership

High school students from the Trebinje region met last weekend at the Red Cross premises in Pale, which hosted a new training session for presidents of student councils in the Trebinje region.

During the three days that the training lasted, the high school students covered a number of topics that included education for presidents of high school councils as peer educators in the field of peer violence, the recognition of forms of sexual harassment, hate speech and drug abuse.

Special attention of all participants was attracted by the presentation of the work of high school students’ councils by the president of the council, which analysed the work of the student councils of Trebinje region so far, and the problems and challenges faced by the councils in this region.

Participants have devised plans of activities and initiatives to be implemented by students from the Trebinje region councils in the coming period – motivating their colleagues to become more involved and contribute to the council’s work.

The training was concluded with the election of the new leadership of the Trebinje region. This school year he will be composed of:

1. Ana Mirjana Vlacic, President

2. Maja Pandurevic and Sara Miskovic, First and Second Vice-Presidents

3. Nikolina Ateljević, PR