Regional Conference and Fair empowering women in rural areas through networking Banja Luka and Laktaši

On the occasion of the 15th october- International Women’s Day in the countryside , with the support of UN Women , ACED organized a two-day regional conference in the activities of the GARD program and one-day trade fair , with the aim to promote the networking of women in rural development , as well as entrepreneurship and creativity of rural women .

A regional conference , organized under the title ” The empowerment of women in rural areas through networking ” ( Laktaši , 18 and 19 October 2012. . ) brought together representatives of GARD program from BiH , Croatia and Albania, experts from Spain and representatives of institutions and NGOs from BiH participating in the programs of empowerment of women in rural areas in BiH .
The aim of the conference was to present networking as a trend in rural development in the region and in Bosnia and Herzegovina , with special focus on the empowerment of rural women . Participants have presented the challenges and on which, with different positions , encountered during the work in this area in 2012 .
Conference participants attended plenary meetings and discussions , participated in the working groups and study visits . More than seventy attendees at the plenary session of the conference might hear different views of the status and role of women in rural development : the experience of institutions , NGOs , artists , entrepreneurs … at local and regional , but also international level .

The fair, ” Women in the country – Entrepreneurship and Handicrafts ” was organized with the aim to present , promote and support associations of rural women , their achievements and capacities.
20 October 2012, more than twenty associations of rural women presented their work and handicrafts at the Youth Center in Banja Luka . Thanks to the support of partner organizations and journalists , who have substantially followed both events , a very illustrative reports of these activities could reach the interested audience via TV and radio programs and reports in print and electronic media .

ACED is grateful for the logistic support to the exhibitors they provided: FARM program in BiH , SNV Netherlands Development Organization in BiH ( program Localizing Gender in the FBiH ) and MI BOSPO – a network of women in business .