The preparations for the establishment of the Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Sarajevo, 4 April 2014 a round table was held and attended by representatives of 15 non-governmental organizations engaged in rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina , which are potential founders of the Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Present civil society organizations , among whom were representatives of 4 LAG , agreed that the Network will be registered at the state level , and that in order to harmonize its activities with the administrative structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the network if necessary to establish a separate organizational unit for the Republic of Srpska , the Federation of BiH and Brcko District . With its membership and activities of the network to cover the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although there are a number of informal networks for rural development , this is the first initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina which will be made and the registration of the Network by legal entities , civil society organizations , which have expressed interest in greater engagement and joint action to improve conditions life in rural areas .
The aim of the round table was to harmonize the views and opinions of civil society and clearly defined objectives and activities , and other issues related to the establishment of the Network , which was achieved in this work meeting. With these preparations were made for a constituent assembly of the Network , which is planned to be held on 25 April 2014 in Sarajevo . The talk was more about the role of the Network , the rights and obligations of members of the Network, on territorial organization , management structure and the organs of the Network.

The initiative for the formal establishment of the Network launched the organizations implementing the project ACORD (Association of the common rural development), funded by the European Union and the Swedish organization WE EFFECT, and the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development – ACED Banja Luka, as the lead partner on the project, and REDAH, CA Nesto vise, LAG Una-Sana and the European Association for the LEADER Rural Development – ELARD in Brussels. This initiative was supported by other organizations active in the field of rural development in BiH, including the LAGs. The main role of the Network is to force its members and the territory that they cover, becomes an important and indispensable factor in all initiatives, programs and projects related to rural communities and people who live and work in the countryside. In addition to this, the role of the Network is to represent, strengthen and promote its members, so that they better meet the challenges of rural development in BiH.

In its further development and operation, the Network will establish cooperation and links with other regional and international networks for rural development, which will contribute to strengthening the capacity and recognition of the Network, the exchange of experiences, good practices and knowledge, and ultimately help contribute to sustainable rural development BiH.