“Alliance for EU integration”: a platform for civil society participation in BiH’s EU integration process

The NGOs CCI and ACED have recently launched a campaign to activate and mobilize non-governmental stakeholders in BiH’s EU integration process. Through its TACSO programme, the EU Delegation in Sarajevo will support this campaign fostering CSOs, entrepreneurs, academia, activists, bloggers and similar, to actively participate in the “Alliance for EU Integration” – a joint platform bringing together non-governmental actors as a pendant and complement to BiH’s governmental institutions – currently the only formal stakeholder in the EU integration process.

Through this initiative it is expected to create an open and inclusive mechanism of public participation in EU reforms over the coming years (the EU questionnaire, second round of questionnaires, negotiation process with the EU), which would be based on voluntarism and competence, and would focus not only on civil society but all competent interlocutors in BiH.

During the next 4 months the project will establish and empower participating stakeholders of the Alliance, a process that is intended to high-point with the final conference to be part of the Sixth Western Balkans Civil Society Forum in Sarajevo on 10 and 11 July.

This correspondence serves for informational purposes, with the possibilities to expand the project’s results and increase the participation of non-governmental stakeholders through additional funds and/or resources. For all details please contact TACSO BIH, or the implementing organizations CCI and ACED.