The mreSVUBIH Conference

The mreSVUBIH Conference took place in Srebrenik from 30 November till 02 December 2018. The conference was attended by representatives of ten mreVUKs of the Federation of BiH, five mRESURS regions and Brcko District. During the first session of the conference the participants analyzed guidelines for assessment of needs of the high-school population at BiH level and analyzed draft versions of the questionnaire. It was concluded to conduct a research during December 2018, at the minimum sample of 15 000 secondary school students from all secondary schools in BiH. The methodology for data collection and stratification of the research sample was defined. During the continuation of the conference, based on the needs of the high-school population defined during previously conducted trainings on cantonal, regional and district level, the participants created the annual work plan for mreSVUBUH and elected leadership of the network, which includes presidents of mRESURS and mreVUKFBIH and vice-presidents.

This activity was implemented within the project „Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative“- YEDI, implemented by ACED in partnership with mreSVUBIH. The YEDI project is funded by the European Union.