Ongoing organizational capacity building of the local, cantonal and federal youth councils of FBiH

Representatives of the local youth councils of Bihac, Zenica , Tuzla, Mostar, Travnik, Posušje, Sarajevo, Ključ and Lukavac, representatives of the cantonal youth councils, members of the management and Steering Board and Secretariat of the Youth Council of FBiH, gathered in Sarajevo from 28 till 30 Jun 2019 at the training for organizational capacity building of youth organizations.

The second capacity building training for youth organizations was organized with the aim to improve work of the organizational units of the youth councils and to create operational plan for improvement of the youth council organizational structure.

During the first part of the training the focus was on the analysis of the effectiveness of the existing youth council structures and definition of the guidelines for improvement of their work. After the analysis the participants created the plan for assessment of the capacities of the youth organizations and members of the youth councils at local level and plan for strengthening cooperation with institutions at local level.   Furthermore, the participants created plan for improvement of the youth council organizational units in terms of objectives, representation, decision making process and implementation of the FBIH Law on Youth.

The training is part of the YEDI project activities (Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative), implemented in partnership by mreSVUBIH – BiH Student Council network, and ACED – Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development, supported by the European Union.