Capacity building training for representatives of the Student Union of the University of Bihac

Representatives of students of the University of Bihac attended the capacity building training, one of the YEDI project activites (Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative), implemented in partnership by mreSVUBIH – BiH Student Council network, and ACED – Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development, supported by the European Union.

Training aimed to strengthen organizational capacities of the Student Union of University of Bihac, took place in Bihac on 05 July 2019.  The training was attended by representatives of all Student Union Members (Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Health Studies, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Bio-technical Sciences, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Pedagogy and Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy) of the University of Bihac.

During the training the representatives of student organizations analyzed the work of student organizations and identified problems they faced in student organizing.  The guidelines and activities for implementation in the forthcoming period have been defined. The identified activities refer to efforts to increase student participation in the work of student organizations, and to more efficient cooperation among student organizations and management structures of faculties and the University.