Mostar, Sarajevo, Tešanj and Banja Luka will host new series of civic debates

In the following period, a series of civic debates, organized by the B&H Student Council Network together with the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development from Banja Luka, will continue. Civic debates “Stories from Untoldville” will be held in several B&H cities, and are part of the EU project “Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative” – (YEDI).

The dates and venues of the following reflections are as follows:

Hotel “Bristol” in Mostar, October 16th  at 2 p.m .;

Home Center in Sarajevo, October 17th  at 12 noon;

Premises of the Islamic Community in Tešanj on October 25th ;

Banja Luka, October 31th

Civic debates are workshops that will provide interested participants with the opportunity to discuss various current socio-psychological topics from the roles of citizens in a stimulating environment, i.e. from different perspectives of numerous civic roles. Each workshop is organized and designed so that participants can reflect together and exchange views on different attitudes and experiences, and discuss different personal experiences.

The previous series of civic debates was very successful and was attended by a large number of students and high school students who discussed various current topics such as poor education, problems with online teaching, depression caused by coronavirus and other social and political events. It is important to point out that the debates provoked very positive reactions from the participants.

For all interested citizens who want to participate, given the current epidemiological situation, we suggest that you contact us at 033 / 933-200 or e-mail where you can get all the necessary information and instructions.