mreSVUBiH: Determined action plan for the next period

The presidents of the student councils gathered in Sarajevo last weekend to plan the next activities of B&H Student Council Network and schedule new trainings for the cantons in Federation B&H and regions in Republika Srpska. The training was held from October 9th to 11th , in the premises of the Hollywood Hotel in Sarajevo.

The training was attended by representatives of the Networks from the cantons and regions, who serve as presidents of student unions / councils in their high schools. In addition to high school students, several trainers from mreSVUBiH were present at the training. The work of councils of high school students in the past period was jointly analyzed, with special reference to the implementation of online teaching. High school students pointed out the problems they face in their work, but also in the work of student councils. The previous campaign “We want to know when we will breathe” was also analyzed, and the participants also discussed how the work of the entire Network can be improved and enhanced. Through interesting and interactive exercises, high school students actively participated in the work and planning of the already traditional activities of mreSVUBiH, which await us soon. In addition, ideas for new actions have been proposed, which aim to attract the attention of the high school population.

This meeting of B&H Student Council Network also took place in a great atmosphere and socializing of all participants. The coaches and high school students are unanimous in their assessment that they have received a great motive for further work, and that they will try to make the Network function even better in the coming period.