Regional meeting of mRESURS from Bijeljina region

In the premises of the Agricultural and Medical School Bijeljina, on 30. march 2017, held  The meeting of  students council network from Bijeljina region. At the meeting, high school students discussed current issues, defined the following guidelines for future work and agreed actions to follow in the future.

President of the transitional leadership of network from Bijeljina region, Ivan Manojlovic explained what mRESURS is and which are the goals the network, as well as activities that follow within mRESURS of Bijeljina region – ” I connsider mRESURS as the best high school organization that fights for the improvement of the status of high school students and solve their problems.  The best of all, mRESURS and mreSVUBIH, want the state to understand high school students as a resource to be exploited, not as a problem to be solved. ”

Highschool index is the largest action of our region in this school year. Its aim is to enable easier and cheaper traveling for students. ”

Program of developing networks of highschool student councils in BiH, implemented by ACED in partnership with OKC, is financially supported by EU Commission and NED (Natonal endowment for democracy).