Training of trainers: mreSVUBIH Academia Youth Camp

Young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to actively participate in the camp held in Trebinje from July 24 to August 1, 2019.

The topics of activism, volunteerism and teamwork were discussed through interactive workshops and lectures, a s well as themes of methods  and processes of decision making.

All participants had opportunity to attend training  of trainers for workshops and trainings and to hold a workshop individually at the end of the training.  As part of the camp activity, a volunteer action was carried out, resulting with made and posted road signs  for the Tuli Scout Lodge, where the camp was organized.

The Tuli Scout Lodge has huge touristic potential; our activity  aimed to help the local community and the population of the surrounding villages to improve visibility of the Lodge and make the access easier for potential visitors.

Visiting the surrounding villages and getting acquainted with the locals was also a significant camp activity. We had the opportunity to talk to local people about life in Trebinje and the countryside and about  their daily activities, as well as certain historical sites and stories originating from this area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina.