Students and young people continue to work on reconciliation

The BiH Student Council Network (mreSVUBiH) held another public debate for representatives of students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Public debate gathered dozens of students in Sarajevo from 18 September to 20 September.

On this occasion, more than 20 students from various BiH faculties and universities discussed the topics of youth reconciliation in our country. During the discussion, the students pointed out that the differences in our society were worth nurturing and preserving. The discussion took place in the direction of achieving reconciliation among young people from different areas. Positive examples from local communities in which students actively work on reconciliation creating a higher level of understanding and building and strengthening cooperation between young people with different ethnic backgrounds were pointed out and presented to the group.

It was concluded that young people were key to reconciliation and a better future in these parts and that our future lied in the hands of young people.

All necessary epidemiological measures were respected during the public debate.