Youth and politics topic of new civic debate

On Monday, 29 September on the premises of the Red Cross in Pale, anothes civic debate was successfully realised by the BiH Student Council Network. The participants were young people from the municipality of Pale.
As the local elections approach, the topic that occupied the participants was politics, more precisely the connection between young people and politics and their participation in political processes. Interesting questions were raised about how much young people know what politics is and what they can do in politics. From the discussion that followed, it was concluded that young people do not have sufficient knowledge about the political system and processes. Participants highlighted the lack of interest of young people in politics as the biggest problem they are facing.
Several young people who participated in the civic debate are actively involved in politics and are members of political parties in the Republika Srpska, so they will be candidates on the electoral lists in the upcoming elections. During the discussion, they shared their experiences in politics with other participants. They also talked about the problems of young people in their local communities as well as the solutions they will propose and advocate for in their programmes.